“There is nothing more liberating than happiness, it releases your mind and inspires it with serenity”.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslav


Tami Armin About

My name is Tami Armon.
The first and most important thing I can tell you about myself is that I absolutely love what I do – graphic design.
Happiness is what guides me in my work to make your dreams become a reality.
My studio has been in existence for more than ten years and whenever I meet with a client, whether new or regular, I find myself constantly reliving my passion for my vocation.
My work doesn’t just start and end with a logo, but opens up a door to a world rich in color, typography and design options.
I am a graduate of the Zvi Markovitch College of Design, and the Mentor College.
During the course of my work with clients I focus on constructing a concept as well as the specific business strategy, yet I am also dedicated to putting a similar effort into the design of a simple wedding invitation or the branding of a new business.
My work ethic is clear when completing a design within specified time limits, and I am always available for consultation and modifications.
As you can see from the pages on my website, I offer an extensive variety of work, from one-time designs, Flyers, brochures, packaging, magazines and calling cards to visual designs on the walls of schools and other institutions. I make sure to retain the construction of a “connecting graphic thread” that weaves its way through each design whatever the final product.
The vast number of professional solutions I offer will provide a perfect answer to your desire to build an image for your business, both on a visual and creative level.
And all this includes state-of-the-art graphics both printed and digital, which is the norm nowadays. My package includes presenting you with the perfect completed printed article, which will save you time and worry.

Wishing you happy days.
Tami Armon