Eran is the owner of a start-up company.
After he resigned from a leading hi-tech company he decided to start an independent business for which he needed design and branding.

Design for the start-up company requires a great deal of thought to transmit a technological message by means of the design itself. I was happy to discover that I understood Eran’s needs and wishes and found something to suit his taste.
The design included: building a language, transmitting it to products in a way that he can present his idea to investors, etc.

Logo – Letterhead – Envelopes – Calling Card – Cabre for Facebook

In my work with professionals I look for a number of characteristics without which it would not be possible to make a connection.
Creativity – a person may be as talented as can be but without creativity and innovative qualities progress cannot be made.
Reaction time – we live in a world of constant movement which obliges us to be in sync as a business with new trends. Without the relevant reaction time, we would simply be left behind our competitors.
Communication – as someone who works all over the place, apart from my necessary meetings I expect an ongoing flow of communication using all the electronic means available i.e. email, skype, telephone and any other time-saving devices used to complete the project. After all, time is money.
Quality and detail: without elaborating on the matter, the quality of the product (down to the finest detail) is the image seen by the client.
In my work with Tami I encountered diverse creativity, reaction time that was never a cause for delay, relaxed communication and attention to the finer details that make all the difference. These aspects and many others helped me to get what I asked for. I had met a graphic designer who was talented and dedicated and, above all, pleasant to work with. She listened to my needs and time after time, produced the goods.
In the final analysis, the fact that I go back to the same professional means I was very satisfied. Nothing less!

Eran Amzaleg, binji