Amit, a talented music producer, asked me to design a logo and graphic design language. After a few hours sitting together, thinking through and understanding his needs, we reached the satisfactory outcome of a design that fit the bill.

Naturally, over time his list of requirements grew and Amit needed a calling card, headed notepaper, etc. In the end, his website was designed according to the language we created.

A few years ago I approached Tami to design a logo for my audio recording studio. Tami listened to me attentively and combined all the relevant details to create a logo. We sat together for hours to finalize the best way to reach a suitable direction in which to go, we thought it through again and again, made changes until we got a result that was perfect, and the positive feedback heaped praise on the talented designer. This year, after a long time, I came back to Tami for some more projects. Tami is a pleasant lady with endless amounts of patience, always relaxed, gracious and down to earth. I highly recommend her!

Amit Ben Atar, Bit Studios