I specialize in branding for company owners, which involves developing a personal graphic language design for each client, and it is this language that the client will use from now on.

For me, the challenge is to find the unique feature characterizing each business proprietor and to brand it in such a way that it will stand out compared to its competitors.

So, in professional terms, what I do is provide you with a complete “business package” from beginning to end, and I make sure that everything links the communication of the message, marketing and promoting the business.

Clients Stories:


Branding of Organizations and Companies

While working for the Giraffe company, I created wall designs for schools and institutions all over Israel. The work process began with a phone call with the school project manager and continued with joint strategic brainwork to construct a branding concept. The school provided its credo, its needs and the topics on which to focus, and the studio expressed all of this in vivid and diverse graphic format.

Maya Spielman – Stylist

Maya contacted me at the recommendation of a friend. When we met, she was confused and unhappy with the material that someone else had already designed for her.
We rethought the issue and when I understood what it was that she needed and the direction she wanted her business to go, together we built a strategy.

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Bit Studios

Amit, a talented music producer, asked me to design a logo and graphic design language. After a few hours sitting together, thinking through and understanding his needs, we reached the satisfactory outcome of a design that fit the bill.

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binji Company

Eran is the owner of a start-up company.
After he resigned from a leading hi-tech company he decided to start an independent business for which he needed design and branding.

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