Rachela, a happy, highly - motivated entrepreneur, asked me to build her a new graphic language for her activity center.
We had a really good two-hour meeting over a cup of coffee, built a strategy and a concept using the existing material and created a new language for the business, which she has been using ever since.

Rachela wanted to create a graphic language that would grow together with the business over the years, without needing any other changes.
Part of the strategy involved thinking what graphic language would be suitable for products sold on site and for those that were being advertised, as well as orders for birthdays, etc. and branding of the place itself.
So what did we create?
The aim was to build a unique language that would give a clear message of the essence of the place.
We created marketing products that would enable Rachela to promote her business and keep her clients, as well as graphic content she could use for as long as the business exists, that would form the basic design of the business.

Logo-Brochure I Newspaper Notice I Program

Dear Tami
I came to you when I found myself at a very important and decisive crossroads in building up my business.
Although I consider myself a creative person with lots of ideas, I felt I really needed someone who would understand what was going through my head and could translate it into something real.
When I first met you I knew immediately that you were the most suitable candidate for this mission of mine, and indeed, I’m happy to say I was right.
Your designs fill the workshop with joy and everyone who sees them compliments them with amazement.
Thanks to your designs I receive a great many requests for birthday packages and workshops and the place is brimming with life.
Thank you for your observant eyes, your creative brain, your gift for listening and your patience, and most of all, your heart of gold.
We will meet again