The importance of branding a business

Branding can actually be compared to the clothes a person wears. Just as we define our personality, our work and even our status by means of our clothes, the same is true about our business.

In fact, branding a business is the construction of a visual language for every detail of the business, from writing paper to the formal design to promote products, sales, advertising, etc.
Good branding begins with building an accurate strategy and this means planning the direction in which we want to take our business. During the course of building the strategy we need to define our target market and the message/s we want to relay to them. We must also consider the graphic output needed as well as the character of the business, language, etc.
A business without a brand and a consistent and clear visual language is a business with no clothes!!
Nowadays it is profitable to use the expression to “package the business”. 95% of what makes an impression on the consumer is what can be seen of the business and if it passes the visual test, people pause to read its message.

Good branding appears as a thread running through all content and products and can be recognized within a few seconds, such as:
the style of font used by Café Aroma,

the letter M typifying MacDonalds

Castro’s short red line,

And so on.

Whenever I meet with a client the first thing I ask him/her to do is to complete a questionnaire that will identify the business which helps to build a strategy.
After the messages have been formulated and the branding strategy created, Once the graphic process has been carried out in the proper way, the final result would be achieved much quicker thus reducing the need for ongoing restructuring or alterations.
I would be happy to listen to your graphic dreams and bring them to reality for you.