Maya contacted me at the recommendation of a friend. When we met, she was confused and unhappy with the material that someone else had already designed for her.
We rethought the issue and when I understood what it was that she needed and the direction she wanted her business to go, together we built a strategy.

After Maya had completed the branding-brief questionnaire which helps clients understand their business and their expectations from the process, I understood what would be the right way for her to present her visual message.
I recommended Maya to use a certain color code and specific aspects for emphasis and very soon she had a new and fresh graphic language.

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When someone opens a business, they have a dream, plans and objectives that need to be translated into something clear and unique. Suddenly I had the urge to make a fresh start and after some inquiries and a few setbacks I heard about Tami Armon. Right from the first Hello I understood who was at the other end of the phone line, I felt her energies and she immediately gave me a sense of total confidence! With her gift for listening and her endless patience she made my dream come true.

With thanks and appreciation,

Maya Spielman