Nechami is a really wonderful lady who has been working as a kindergarten teacher for many years. She was looking for a graphic designer to brand her personal dream – to start her own kindergarten for 1-3 year olds.

The time frame for this project was quite a challenge for Nechami because she only had a few weeks to start advertising for children for the coming school year.
When we met she described her needs and together we built a strategy.
This is a process I use with all of my clients and it includes planning and thinking how to produce the right direction for the business and find its unique aspects to emphasize it.
We began by designing a logo and it didn’t take long to find one that she liked which, in her words, fulfilled all her expectations.
The list of needs for the kindergarten grew with her understanding of the value of branding the kindergarten itself and with it creating the graphic language on every item, as well as advertising material and products that she prepared specially for the kindergarten, such as special bottles, name tags, etc.
I created a unique look and language for Nechami’s kindergarten showing that efforts had been made to make it attractive.
Nechami was delighted with the material and told me that a large number of potential clients had already contacted her as a result of the designed formats.
Examples of designs:
Logo-Notice in newspaper | Outdoor banner |Notice to parents | Cover for Facebook | Stickers on jars….

When I contacted Tami I understood instantly that I had found someone who suited the way my mind worked! Tami works quickly and efficiently without delay, listens to every comment, offers advice when necessary and in spite of my numerous requests she never became annoyed or despaired of me, and was always happy to oblige. And the price was absolutely up my street, too. In short – perfection!! Thank you Tami, it will always be you!
With much appreciation

Nechami Ben Porat